Lime Tree Menu



1. Spring rolls (2 pieces)
6,50 €
Crispy fried spring rolls served with Thai sweet chili sauce.
Seasoned stuffing: mixed seasonal vegetables, spring onions and glass noodles.

2. Chicken Satay (3 skewers)
8,00 €
Marinated chicken breast cubes. Grilled and served on skewers with homemade peanut sauce and Thai style spice cucumber sauce.

3. Green papaya salad chili3_white
8,00 €
Freshly shredded green papaya marinated in homemade chili sauce, served with ground roasted peanuts and cherry tomatoes.


4. Tom Yam Kung chili2_white
8,00 € / 15,00 €
Thai style soup with tiger prawns, seasoned with lime leaves, lemon grass, basil leaves, coriander and galangal. Content: shallot, mushroom, cherry tomato.

5. Tom Kha Gai
7,50 € / 14,00 €
Thai style chicken soup. Sliced chicken breast cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with lime leaves, lemon grass, basil leaves and galangal. Content: shallot, mushroom, cherry tomato.

6. Wontonsoup
7,50 € / 14,00 €
Minced pork stuffed Wonton soup with Bok Choy. Seasoned with spring onion, pepper.

Main Courses

Meat alternatives in portions 7 – 10: chicken or beef 14 €, duck or prawns 19 €

7. Pad Grapao chili1_white
14,00 € or 19,00 €
Wok fried meat of choice in Lime Tree’s sauce with long beans, basil leaves, shallots, and fresh chili.

8. Phad Med Mamuang chili1_white
14,00 € or 19,00 €
Stir-fried meat of choice in light soy sauce with roasted cashew nuts, broccoli, shallots, dry chili and hint of ginger.

9. Saacha flavoured chili1_white
14,00 € or 19,00 €
Stir-fried meat of choice in Saacha sauce with zucchini, celery, leak and fresh chili.

10. Sataywok
14,00 € or 19,00 €
Wok fried meat of choice in homemade peanut sauce with broccoli, paprika and onion.

11. Tod Kratiem Prig ThaiNuah
14,00 €
Tender slices of beef sautéed in soy sauce with cucumber, tomatoes, and seasoned with black pepper, garlic and coriander.

12. Beef with asparagus chili2_white
16,50 €
Tender slice of beef wok fried with season asparagus and fresh chili.

13. Honey garlic pork
15,00 €
Grilled pork fillet served in homemade honey sauce with dry fried garlic, sesame and cucumber.

14. Egg plant stew chili1_white
15,00 €
Wok fried eggplant stewed in spiced bean sauce with season vegetables.

15. Lamb leg with spiced bean sauce chili2_white
23,00 €
Crispy fried, oven braised lamb leg, served with spiced bean sauce. Freshly sliced chili, spring onion, sweet peas, and seasoned by garlic, ginger and pepper.

16. Pork knuckle with star nice sauce
19,00 €
Crispy fried, braised pork knuckle, served with homemade star anise sauce, white radish and spring onion.

17. Duck leg with tamarind sauce
19,00 €
Crispy fried duck leg, served with homemade tamarind sauce, cucumber and coriander.

Thai Curry

18. Panaeng chicken
15,00 €
Pan fried chicken breast, served in Panaeng curry sauce with coconut milk, lime leaves and white radish.

19. Green curry prawns chili1_white
19,00 €
Pan fried tiger prawns, served in green curry sauce with coconut milk, egg plant, sugar peas, bamboo shoots, fresh basil leaves and fresh chili.

20. Massamahn beefstew
17,00 €
Slow cooked beef cubes, served in Massanmahn curry sauce with coconut milk, shallots, potatoes and roasted peanuts.

21. Red curry duck
19,00 €
Deep fried duck breast, served in red curry sauce with coconut milk, pineapple, tomatoes, and seasoned with basil leaves and fresh chili.

22. Kari Tofu
15,00 €
Deep fried tofu, served in yellow curry sauce with coconut milk, broccoli, Bok Choy and zucchini.

Fried Rice & Noodles

23. Phad thai prawns
19,00 €
Wok fried rice noodles in Lime Tree’s sauce with tiger prawns, Bok Choy, bean sprouts, eggs and Chinese chives.

24. Mee Goreng
14,00 €
Wok fried noodles with chicken slices, eggs, broccoli, bean sprouts and fresh chili seasoned with yellow curry sauce.

25. Noodle soup with seafood
16,00 €
Noodle served in seasoned soup with baby squids, mussels, shrimps, and crab meat.

26. Fried rice with grilled pork
15,00 €
Wok fried rice with grilled pork, eggs, peas, diced paprika, sweet corns and seasoned with light soy sauce.

27. Boiled fish in fiery sauce chili2_white
16,00 €
Fish fillet boiled in spicy bean sauce, served with Bok Choy, bean sprouts, and seasoned with fresh chili, garlic, pepper and ginger.


28. Thai tapioca noodles with coconut
8,00 €
Tapioca noodles cooked in sweet coconut sauce and served with coconut ice cream.

29. Deep fried banana with ice cream of your choice
7,00 €
Mango, coconut or vanilla. Deep fried banana in batter, served in slices with ice cream topped with ground peanuts.

30. Choice of ice cream
(2 scoops)
6,00 €
Mango, coconut or vanilla