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1 Spring roll (vegetarian)
7.50 €
Fried in batter with mixed vegetables and bean noodles.

2 Gai Satay (kana)
8.50 €
Chicken breast shreds in bamboo skewer marinated in exotic herb sauce.
Served with a sweet and tangy cucumber salad and the peanut sauce.


3 Tom yam kung
8.50 €
Thai soup with shrimps, onion, mushroom, lemon grass, Thai ginger, lemon leaves and mint leaves.

4 Tom kha gai
7.50 €
Thai chicken soup. Slices of tender chicken breast, onions and mushrooms in coconut sauce.
Seasoned with Thai ginger, lemon grass and lime leaves.

5 Tom kha talay
8.50 €
Delightful combination of fish, squid, clam, and shrimp baked in a delicious soup with onions, mushrooms, Thai ginger, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk.


6 Gai pahd grapao
15.00 €
Tender chicken breast slices roasted with sweet onions, baby corn, pepper and basil leaves in a tasty sauce.

7 Gai pahd med mamuang
15.00 €
Juicy chicken breast marinated in a light soy sauce and then roasted with cashew nuts, carrots and broccoli and hint of ginger.

8 Saa cha ayam (Malaysia)
15.00 €
Chicken breast with house special sauce pepper, celery, bamboo, chili.

9 Satay ayam (Malaysia)
15.00 €
Malaysian style chicken with peanut sauce.


10 Nuah nam mahn hoy
15.50 €
Tender slices of beef roasted with mushrooms, onions, carrots and broccoli in a savoury oyster sauce.

11 Tod kratiem prig thai nuah
15.50 €
Tender slices of beef sauted in soy sauce and seasoned with black pepper, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes and coriander.

12 Satay beef (Malaysia)
15.50 €
Malaysian style beef with peanut sauce.

13 Saa cha beef (Malaysia)
15.50 €
House special sauce with celery, pepper, fresh chili.


14 Honey garlic pork
15.50 €
Grill pork fillet with honey garlic source and cucumber.


15 Pahd si-ew
15.50 €
Fried rice noodles with chicken, broccoli, bean sprouts and eggs. A very popular blend in Thailand!

16 Mee goreng
14.50 €
Malaysian style noodles with chicken, tofu, eggs, bean sprout and fresh chili.

17 Khao pahd
14.50 €
Fried rice eggs cucumber, coriander and tomatoes fried with the meat of your choice or vegetables.


18 Panaeng
15.90 €
Meat of your choice or tofu cooked in red curry sauce with coconut milk grated kaffir lime leaves and pepper.

19 Gaeng keow wahn
15.90 €
Meat of your choice or tofu cooked in green curry sauce with coconut milk, sugar peas, bamboo shoots, pepper and fresh basil.

20 Gaeng gari
15.90 €
Meat of your choice or tofu cooked in yellow curry sauce with coconut milk, potatoes and vegetables.

21 Gaeng massamahn
15.90 €
Juicy beef slices cooked in massamahn curry sauce with coconut milk, potatoes, peanuts and onions.

22 Gaeng ku-ah supparohd
15.90 €
Meat of your choice or tofu cooked in red curry sauce with coconut milk, lime leaves and pineapple.
Served with crushed grain of peanuts.


23 Vanilla aitim
7.00 €
Vanilla Ice-cream
(2 scoops)

24 Kluay tod mango-aitim
7.50 €
Deep fried banana with mango ice-cream.